Bringing out the best in you!

End of 2013

After a conference call and thought about visions and goals for 2013 wraps up.  

Have I acknowledged all that I have learned and accomplished this year?

Have I thanked friends, family, community, and universe for all that I have learned

and gained.  What am I a grateful for. I have so much to share. 

I will stop here and sit with this. I do want to bring my gratitude to the Winter Solstice. 


The Rita Hayworth of this Generation – Written and Performed by Tina D’Elia

The Rita Hayworth of this Generation – Written and Performed by Tina D’Elia.

The Rita Hayworth of this Generation - Written and Performed by Tina D'Elia

Carmelita a character from my solo show. Photo by Colin Hussey
From a performance at The Garage November 2013 – This show will be performed in LA 2014

The Rita Hayworth of this Generation – Donations Welcomed!

This is the NEW staging of my one-woman-show! Developed in the last four years.
I have all of the Artists and Consultants to bring this show to the next level and be staged this November.
Now I just need your support, $, and spreading the word!
Gratef, Tina

What is the most courageous acts you’ve since you were 10?

Today I was on the stair-master and I realized that when I was 10 I had an act of courage. As someone with a learning disability, like thousands of Actors, Artists, and Thinkers throughout history.

I was 10, fourth grade, and I was struggling in school.  Struggling to learn and really absorb what was happening.  I was stuck and intimidated  teacher and the fact that other kids were learning and I was not.  I was fortunate that my Mom helped relocate me to another class and teacher which helped. Before this happened.  In less then two month. I planned three puppet shows with the inspiration of “The Marx Brother” and “Tom Lehrer” -two of my satirical influences. I created comedic scripts and scenes for the puppets. Brought the puppet stage on the bus three times and to my surprise had an audience of laughter and giggles each time I put it on.  Each time I performed the puppet shows I was committed to entertain and hopefully make the other kids laugh. What impressed me as I looked back is this was my reslience.  I wanted to connect with others. I wanted to bond and connect in laughter and reach out and feel connected and make others feel good through humor and performance.

I had a voice, a sense of purpose, and I was courageous.  The puppet shows were an act of courage.

I am now asking that 10 year old voice for the help and courage to help me with just over 13 Days to go to raise money on my Kickstarter to

produce my Art. Am I crazy? Can this happen. With $4,000 more to raise. Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1398081019/the-rita-hayworth-of-this-generation

Well with the spirit of my 10 year old! What I can do is work hard, have a clear intention, feel the connection of the communities around me, make sure that I laugh and laugh with others, and believe in myself no matter what!  That’s younger self I love you.

What are the most courageous acts you did when you were 10? Or ten years ago or

in the next 10 years?

Peace People,



Photo by Antstudio
Tina in character as “Carmelita”
Promo for her one-woman-show
Six Nights November 6th-21st 2013
Directed by Margy Guzman
The Garage 715 Bryant Street, SF, CA.

Rita show – bringing to my to the stage this November 2013

Getting my show staged “The Rita Hayworth of this Generation”