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Tina D'Elia Consulting

Tina D'Elia Consulting

“Fruitvale Station” I’m on the campaign trailer for this film to win the Oscar

The best way I could have thought of watching “Fruitvale Station” was at Grand Lake Theater with my partner. I am still will the characters, the silence, the music, the writing, the sound design, the casting. I love this film.  Before I go on and on. I will say briefly. My heart broke from start to finish. I am blown away with the director Ryan Coogler. I am a true fan of his work. I really want him to get a director.  I will share more in the future. I just have to say I am haunted by this film.  I love it. More to offer later.

“Impactful Presentations”

Last week I had the great honor and opportunity to co-present with the LGBT Job Club and the Business Funding Factory @ the LGBT Center (both projects through their employment services programs). What I can say right of the bat is – often folks say I don’t like public speaking or I feel self-conscious having people staring at me when I speak.  Yet once we warm-up and I see the group getting on their feet and speaking, often everyone is more comfortable and risk taking.
I am not surprised since warm-ups is part of the one-on-one coaching I provide with clients.  Even if we are warming up for 5 minutes or 10 minutes, it will often make a huge difference. Warm-ups is a great way for professionals to get centered and become focused and be in the moment. Often sitting and sitting to long through-out the day pulls our energy down. Plus our muscles get stiff, tight, and overworked by sitting at a desk most of the day.
Some of us are on are feet all day and don’t have a chance to stretch out or take 5 or 10 minutes to relax and practice deep breathing.  Sitting and centering and recharge us.

My challenge is to take two walks a day when I am home working. Not only will I be more productive, get fresh-air, and my heart rate up. I will have been stronger physically and mentally to focus.

I am excited for the next workshop I am offer at the LGBT Center for Professionals.
I am learning every person I meet both one-on-one and group seminars I am teaching.

I am a teacher and student of presenting each day.  And that is what keeps me authentic

when I am coaching folks towards their authentic voice and message as they give their impactful presentation.


Tina D’Elia Consulting

Your strengths tell the truth!

I learned something remarkable the other day when I was brainstorming ways to market my business, Tina D’Elia Consulting. I realized as I sat down for some coaching that even my strength as a kid. To engage in person to talk to people with ease. Bringing myself into fully into my work really is about how I brought myself into my life as a kid. It’s interesting there are self-help books that talk about the importance of adults having FUN in our lives and that PLAY is important.  I got the fun part though the play I wondered. Until tonight when I realized. Well there was so much play, improv growing up in my family. With friends, as kids making up stories.

Improv is key and such an amazing way to connect in acting and human understanding. So I think ‘Oh I am playing’ of course. I’m coaching playing, even if the subject matter may not be comedic. There are no mistakes in improv, there are no wrongs in getting on our feet and trying something out. I always say that practice and rehearsal is how I feel that people will feel more comfortable and confident public speaking.

This process when I coach is about having be engaging and really get to the heart. The camera or a live audience does not have to be threatening or terrifying and if the nerves come. As they usually 1000% percent of the time do – it means we care and the energy is there.

I created a Vision Board for 2013 which I recommend as a way to put out into the universe what we all wish for and want to see reflected. There are images, pictures, and words.

Riveting, Love, Abundance, Defining, Here, Be, Peace, Precious, Artistry, Joy, Now, Life, Calm, Starring, Laughter, Energy, Passion

I offer that whether you are someone that wants to feel more authentic and riveting when you public speak to please check out my website: http://www.tinadelia.com and there you will see information about a free 30 minute consultation.

I wish everyone to be here with joy and peace and calm and passion.

Tina D’Elia

Tina D’Elia Consulting


Grateful to have seen “The Witch House”

I had the sheer pleasure of watching Morgan Bassichis’s play “The Witch House” this past Wednesday January 16th @ The Garage in San Francisco. I loved the the writing immediately and the protagonist, Tracy, played by Bassichis was electrifying and full wonder, hilarity, purpose, coyness, and lightness. I enjoyed the direction and found the lighting very affective and bold.  I loved the dancing and physicality of character embodiment.  All the characters were interesting and held me at various moments. I felt like I was brought back to the spirits of Salem, MA.  I am still absorbing the play days later and look forward to seeing this new piece continue it’s creative development. I was so compelled in a variety of haunting and hilarious moments of three youthful boys, some who aspired to be witches or at least believe casting spells were possible.  There were five female witch/spirit/possessed like characters from the past and all of them had captivating moments.  I love the blend of history and bring conscious to what was happening with regard to scape goating people and witches and how boys were involved. I applaud Morgan Bassichis on her creative journey and admire her research and beautiful way that she told the story.  There are still shows running in San Francisco, CA. So if you are out there and can see it. Here is a link to the SF Weekly article: http://www.sfweekly.com/2013-01-16/culture/the-witch-house-theater-review/